Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dr. Oz gave me the blahs

So, I decided I was fat, gross and disgusting and wanted to try the Dr Oz three day detox.

The grocery list was somewhat intensive and our specialty health store didn't seem to even carry exactly what we needed.  So, we improvised and still had a bill of nearly $100...For three days of liquified food?!  Really??

The first day wasn't too bad. Tea was great. But I've always loved tea.
Breakfast shake wasn't bad.

Then there was the mess to clean up.

Then the lunch shake. Which was massive.  And only passably palatable.
I could drink it if I had to.

Then there was the mess to clean up.

Snack shake? Hell no! I was still trying to finish the lunch shake.

Eventually I made the dinner shakes, so that Jeff could take his to go. Mine went in the fridge.

Then there was the mess to clean up.

I barely finished the lunch shake and I think it was already 9:30pm!

I took a couple sips of the dinner shake(caliente!), then decided I would just go to sleep.  No energy for the bath...worried I might drown.

The next day I was down 2 lbs! That's kinda cool.  Had the tea again, feeling pretty good about myself.  Made Jeff and my breakfast shakes. Put my breakfast shake in the fridge so I could try to finish last night's dinner shake.

It was dinner time by the time I got through the dinner shake and went to the breakfast shake.  These were way too filling for me, I think.  I made Jeff his dinner shake and saved mine for later as I was working on the breakfast one still.  Skipped lunch as it was just way too much for both of us.

I finished the breakfast shake.  Had a good cry watching some comedy videos online...yeah, that happened....took a shower and went to bed...dinner shake still in fridge.

Day 3, I am now down a total of FOUR pounds! Crazy...but I haven't really eaten anything.  And to top it all off, no poop!

Every other blog I read about this, people were visiting the bathroom like an old friend.  I totally expected to be doing the same.  Maybe I needed all four shakes a day, but 1.5 is about all I can do.

I have a massive headache. I am shakey, and even after taking a sleep aid, I still can't sleep.
I was fine for 2 of the 3 days.  But I think I officially quit now.

I have breakfast and dinner shakes sitting in the fridge, but the thought of them makes me nauseated.
And if I smell almond butter ever again in my life, I WILL puke...and it takes a LOT to make me puke.

I dropped four pounds, but really, I haven't been able to eat ANYTHING.
As I type this, I have eaten a couple handfuls of un-processed, totally whole, totally delicious blueberries.

Perhaps detox just wasn't for me.

I am embarrassed to give up on day three...But I did drop weight...though, on a detox, that technically isn't the goal...I just wanted to get rid of the bloat.

Perhaps it isn't a good idea to do a cleanse while you are on your "period" either. But, you live and learn...

At least I tried...And did dishes three times a day for two whole days...

Yeah, I won't do this one ever again...Gotta be honest. But I am glad I tried...

Looking forward to EATING the fresh fruits and veggies in my house instead of drinking them!

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