Sunday, April 8, 2012

Graphic Arts

To my facebook "friends" who think they are doing "God's work" or something by posting graphic photos of animals being abused and tortured, PLEASE STOP!
Your message is not being processed in the way you think and I never delete friends, but I may start soon.
To wake up Easter Sunday with a litany of suffering animals in my newsfeed is NOT the way to start a holiday!

Have any of you even thought about where these photographs came from? The photographer is either merely standing by and watching while these creatures suffer or these photos are photoshopped to elicit your rabid responses.

Either way, these photos should not continue to be shared! And all they do is upset me greatly. I do not have the resources to run to Africa to save these poor babies, or burst into an LA dog fighting ring. I am helpless, and these pictures rarely give options for those of us without millions of dollars to make a difference. If they do, I am suspicious to their legitamacy being that the photos were taken by heartless bystanders anyway!

Many of you jump on to these animal rights fights without research. I remember trying to diffuse an anti "certain celebrity" campaign because everyone believed she had used her celebrity status to purchase a sloth as a pet. In actuality, her fiance had contacted a rescue group to have one brought to the house for her birthday, said sloth was under watchful eyes of the expert handlers the whole time. No one "played" with the sloth or put it in silly outfits. It was there. That is all. After that was explained, the indignance continued with "they shouldn't have been in the house to begin with, they belong in the wild."

This is a rescue group, people. This creature likely wouldn't survive in the wild. These people were giving this animal great care.

Please, please please stop posting graphic photos of animals in horrific situations. Think about what they mean or where they actually came from before you share such things. Think about the kids who might see these pictures in the newsfeed and not understand what they are seeing. You are desensitizing them to this imagery because you post so much of it! You just may be creating more animal abusers in the long run.

But at the very least, before you get on your soap box about anything, do your research. And as they say in comedy "know your audience."

I don't normally do these anti anything posts, but its getting to be enough is enough. Seriously. I am sick over it!

Knock it off. Go hug a cow! I did!