Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Surreal Moment

I had a blast from the past when my old high school friend Marcus came over today to play some Scrabble like we did in the old days.
We ate Thai food, my mom brought pie and lemonade. I kinda felt like I did in high school, but with a little more confidence!
Then as I walked him to his car, I ran into my husband outside and slam! It was my adult world back! The two worlds collided together and I felt so giddy and happy. As much as I think my life isn't going in the direction I had hoped it would, I am married to such a wonderful man right now and the high school me was smitten when I ran into him in the driveway today. Smitten all over again.
Thanks for coming by, Marcus. You made me feel young again and I still liked being old at the end of the day!

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