Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boxfest Schedule!

Who can make it? Who wants to go and when?
(My plays are in box 4, box 5 and box 6)

See website for details Boxfest

Box 1 Monologues by Kelly Rossi directed by JAIME MOYER
The Opal Show by Kim Carney directed by SHANNON FERRANTE

Box 2 Fabula Rasa by Joanna Hastings directed by JACKIE STREZ
Unraveled by Callie McKee directed by MICHELLE HELD

Box 3 Something Called America by Franco Vitella directed by ELAINE HENDRIKS SMITH
Speed Dating by Audra Lord directed by FRANNIE SHEPHERD-BATES

Box 4 Life as We Knew It by Jake Christensen directed by ALISON CHRISTY
Big Game by Molly Thomas directed by DIVIIN HUFF
Squisher's Atonement by Jacquelyn Priskorn directed by MOLLY MCMAHON
Strip Club by Kristen Wagner directed by LINDA RABIN HAMMELL

Box 5 Vaccination by Lori Eaton directed by TRUDY MASON
Fan-C-Cuts by Jacquelyn Priskorn directed by ANGIE FERRANTE
Lesbians by Kelly Rossi directed by KELLY ROSSI

Box 6 Coffeehouse Boos by Jacquelyn Priskorn directed by RACHEL BELLACK
Dodging the Bullet by Andy Orscheln directed by LYNDSAY MICHALIK

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