Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living a very surreal life!

So, I headed out the door this morning to shoot my Lafontaine i pull out of the driveway, the radio tells me m59 is going to be closed.  so i reprogram the gps to take me down back streets.  I made sure the producer knew i might be a little later than 930am and then i enjoyed the lovely lakeside winding roads to highland.
got on set with my several suitcases.  Got into hair and makeup and then waited til about noon before the director decided i just needed to change my socks...isnt it always the way?  you bring your entire wardrobe and end up just wearing what you came in.
So at around noon i finally get mic'ed up.  even tho i had no lines...i put my feet up on a desk over and over again and my scene partner played with my toes...for like an hour or so...very weird...
sat chatting with my fellow actors for 2 more hours before they released me.
while trying to manuever my way out of the dealership lot, i finally got the call that i was cast in the Michigan Lottery commercial!  It shoots wed.  Luckily Jen is an angel and will drive up to muskegon from chicago to cover my wed for me.  But I have a fitting on tuesday that hopefully colin can still help me make it to.  Its a SAG commercial and my first union job...very excited.
The wardrobe lady called me a few times and was hoping i could make it before 630pm on tues.  My last show is over at 2pm in muskegon, i might just squeak in depending on traffic and weather, but if colin can do my afternoon show, i'll make it for sure.
I get home and unpack and repack, kiss my adorable and supportive and amazingly talented husband goodbye and head out to follow the BSers van to Grand Haven.  On my way down John R road, I see an elderly man walking at an angle (while I am trying to work details out with colin).  the man does a face plant right on the ground, so i immediately pull over and dial 911.  But I forget my bluetooth is hooked up and can't understand why i can't hear them while i try to help the old man up.  His face is covered in drool and he is asking me to take him to the mall.  Luckily my vehicle is packed with clothes and there isn't an inch of room for him.  Finally 911 calls me back so I can hear them.  They say the man has been missing and they have been looking for him.  An officer pulls up just as he tells me an officer will be right there.  I tell the officer what i saw and ask if its okay if i leave.  he says sure and i take off.
I follow mark and mike down the freeways for a few hours.  We pull over in brighton for gas.  There are no free pumps, but i eventually get one and miss a call from the wardrobe lady while i pump gas.
i end up having to call her back when i am in the gas station, shouting into the phone onto her voice mail things like, "My bra size is 36B!"  I am quite a vision i am sure.
We finally get to grand haven by quarter after 9.  Looooong limbs are asleep and it was very lonely...i had to put my ipod headphones on for the last leg of the drive.
my room is adjoining to the boys'. I am able to park right in front of my outside entrance door.  No deadbolt, but the chainlock still works.  For some reason, i have a sliding door on the other side of the room to the outside...but i am too tired now not to feel safe!

I am so excited that i got two commercials in a row...i haven't shot anything since my comcast chicago spot 2 years ago! 
Looking forward to wed and praying colin will be able to be my hero tues afternoon...
God is helping me earn my stripes this week!

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