Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Celebrity Fit Club

Current mood: hungry
Screw you for making me feel fatter than I ever have in my life.
You have one girl on the show one inch shorter than me and 14lbs lighter than me. She was even told she has a normal BMI. But you're encouraging her to drop 20 more pounds!?
The other girl is one inch TALLER than me and only 2lbs heavier. She was in tears because you were telling her how overweight she was. And you know what? She looked a lot heavier than I am...Or am I just fooling myself? Now I am freaking paranoid!
Thanks celebrity fit club for even ruining birthday cake for me. They did a terrible gauntlet of military exercise and then were told they only burnt 500 calories, which was barely a sliver or the cake they had there.
I worked my quads out so hard after that, I cry when I sit down and get up off the toilet. And I am still fat.
You're all bastards and I am hungry

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