Monday, November 30, 2009

Good News

I've been smiling a lot lately.

I mean, I am still not the smokin hot model chick I wish I was.  But if wishes were dishes, I would need a new china cabinet...whatever that means...

I had a great day on set filming for Henry Ford Medical.  The medical jargon threw me off and made me mess up my lines...but I always nailed the medical was the regular words I would lose it on.

I have been having some fairly successful auditions for once in my life.  And I think the GUEST ROOM might finally be getting some more festival attention.

I get to film a zombie movie tomorrow, but before that I get to audition for a tampon commercial, demonstrating how to insert a tampon on a can things get better?

The producer from my hospital industrial sent a nice letter to my agent, too!

Jacquie and Oliver were an exceptional team to work with. Oliver's experience and interpretation brought a wonderful depth to the character and program. Jacquie's ability to bring a difficult clinician role to a truly believable level was great. They both took direction very well and were a please to work with. The clients and I were extremely pleased with both and were amazed at how realistic the scenes came across. Several commented that it was like watching real life situations.
I will definitely put both of these talents on my list to use in the future.

Things are going great...and they're only gettin better...
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades :)

I wanted to play the video from HEAD OF THE CLASS here...but it can't be found :(

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