Monday, January 25, 2010

Tell me if you heard this one...


A girl goes on tour with the Brainstormers, causing her to miss out on a great audition opportunity.

Yeah, for once, this isn't about me.  My roomie Jordan is being tortured with the fact that a director of a movie is calling her back for a THIRD time needing to see her to determine which lead role to give her.  Suck city, she's stuck rooming with me in Battle Creek instead.  And the lobby of this hotel is under construction...dust and wallpaper glue everywhere...its rustic and charming, really...

Meanwhile, what I am missing while on tour,
My mother-in-law's AND father-in-law's birthday dinner,
Premiere of Ta-Ta's Last Stand at the Token lounge
Performance of my play Glass Slipper Size 8 1/2 in Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Syd's birthday AND being there for her upon the sudden death of her boyfriend Patrick.

It seems the scythe of death has been swinging unexpectedly a lot lately.  It's unnerving.

I just need this week to be over quickly.  Also, pray hard for those I know who have lost loved ones of late. 

One good thing...I AM able to get online this week...hooray...

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