Thursday, January 28, 2010

So glad this is the last night

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It has been a long week of two show days where I haven't quite felt on my game.  Psyched out that I am older and heavier or just losing my love for the whole "goofy animal character" bit.  I just don't feel funny anymore and it makes the work a drag.

Also a lot of bad news came down the wire this week, deaths and such.  It always happens when I go on the road, of course.

I did get a call from Waterworks Theatre asking me to be a part of their fundraiser show next month.  They only want me to play Watchman 1 in the Dogberry scene from MUCH ADO, but I miss being among the theatre folk so much.  I haven't done a "legit" play since I did MUCH ADO.  I miss it.  I miss having a dressing room...even if the dressing room was a tent.

I miss having the audience come to me instead of me coming to the audience and then pissing the audience off because before and after the show we're in their way.

What?  You haven't packed up 3 minutes after the show?  But we have to feed latchkey kids in the EXACT spot you're in. 


I read a very inspiring article in my CREATIVE SCREENWRITING magazine about a husband and wife screenwriting team.  I want Jeff to read it and then buy me a giant dry erase board so we can worK like they do.  I think we can be like the great Jared & Jerusha Hess, or even the Nettles & Gamache or Caldwell and Pearson teams.

Look out cinema!  Its Floyd & Priskorn!!!

We need a writing retreat!

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