Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Minor celebrity

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2009 has been a weird a rocky road.  Never been a better year NOT to be a celebrity...The look back montage on all the celebrities we've lost in '09 is going to take up half the Oscars this year!

And this attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day.  The more I hear about it, the more upset I get.  I am mostly hear about it through interviews with my cousin and her husband who were aboard that flight. 

They were eye witness to TWO other suspects that the mainstream media isn't even touching on.  They were interviewed by the FBI who seemed more to be trying to discredit them than to be getting important info from them. 

I am kind of worried for them, especially after reading some of the comments people make on their news stories online.  Calling them liars and such.  And someone said, "If they disappear, we'll know it was...." blah blah blah.

My cousin is a minor celebrity in the worst possible way.  Her phones don't stop ringing and most people think she and her husband are just looking for fame...Its disturbing and sad.  But even more so now I am believing in government coverups.  I actually never believed in them.  But now I do.  And it frightens me a little.

Luckily my cousin and her husband are both lawyers and hopefully can protect themselves from anyone trying to take advantage.  But right now I don't like all the crap I've been seeing/reading.

And I have to work yet another new years eve.

Hopefully I will get to my husband in time for the midnight kiss!  I want some bubbly!  Strike that...I NEED some bubbly!

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