Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the road...again?

So, tomorrow begins a month of travel for work. Tomorrow I head to Grand Rapids. Crashing with Shirls and Tony before I film all day in Portland on Saturday, then Sunday morning I have an audition in Grand Rapids, rush to Sterling Heights for Osiris filming and prepare to start training for my new job traveling as a customer care "improv actor" for Chrysler. I think its Chrysler. Whoever it is is using a LOT of bailout money to make the month of October very lucrative for me.

Now, I am a huge fan of travel. It is fun to visit new places. But doing it alone makes me very nervous. And I don't even know where I am going or when yet. That makes me even more nervous. If I knew where I was going and when, maybe I could get excited to go see friends in these different states on my down time. I wonder if I will have down time.

Its very typical of clients not to book talent, nor give them info about their job until the very last minute. Mary made a good point that actors are thought of as "little dollies that they can take off the shelf whenever they feel like it." All we do is wait by our cell phones in our little hovels waiting desperately for "that call." We don't really need to make money, which is why we work for free so often. We don't have any other job but to audition and wait. And get new headshots taken every 6 months.

I am a little excited about all this travel. But I would be more excited if someone I knew was coming with me. Driving to and from the airport alone is depressing. But alas, this is the life I chose. And once October is over, it will be back to the Brainstormers van for me.

At least they tell me where I am going and with who well ahead of time...

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