Monday, September 28, 2009

Grateful for friends who have my back

So, I unfortunately had to give up a fun trip to Traverse City with the MMP gang (and my husband and I were going to extend it through tuesday for a vacation to the UP). But lucky for me, Mary and Karey have my back filling in where I can't. I hope they take lots of pictures for me. I was really looking forward to that trip.

But instead I am interrupting Chrysler dealership meetings for the entire month of October. I am supposed to call to arrange my own flights, however, no one answered when I called. I left a message, but I have a feeling they won't call back and I will have to do this on a lunch break or something away from my computer and all the important loyalty awards numbers I hope get applied to all this travel.

I haven't flown alone since I was 18. And even then someone at least drove me to and from the airport. I have a feeling I am completely on my own here. My travel partner will be flying in and out of Grand Rapids.

I am more nervous about making flights and figuring out my transport to and from airports than anything...I hate not being totally prepared for details like that. And being alone makes it harder. I wish I could at least fly first class and have that to look forward to. I've never flown first class. Maybe to Ireland...

I leave for Texas on Monday, I believe. I have to be at the hotel by Monday afternoon. Hopefully I can get home by Thursday nights most of these weeks. And hopefully this will go by quickly.

We have been warned that our audiences will have a chip on their shoulders and may be sensitive to any improv jokes. Wah wah. Sounds like fun.

Also, we have to do 4 skits per meeting, two meetings a day each meeting running about 3 hrs doubt we'll have any down time. But meh, I would probably spend my downtime in my room ordering room service anyway.

I found out my scene partner and I are both Geminis...both born on June 2nd! Too weird! He may be fun, unfortunately I won't be sharing flights with him...just scenes and thats it...

I will have to figure out a way to make this a fun experience for me. But I am such a worrier. Maybe after the first week is done, I will get used to this. We are going to fun cities.
Dallas, TX. Houston, TX. Orlando, FL. Ft Lauderdale, FL. Atlanta, GA. Charlotte, NC. Memphis, TN and New Orleans, LA.

Maybe Jeff should come down to New Orleans and we can extend that into our vacation! That could be fun!

I just hope everything is okay.
The outfits they picked for me that I brought...I tried them on at home...they're a little tight. Better not do any stress eating before the trips begin!!!!!

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