Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Guess I AM a writer

I AM a writer
Current mood: pleased
Boxfest almost always reinvigorates my desires to write. Especially when I get such compliments as I got this weekend. From my directors, from my cast members, from random audience members.

The play that seems to have touched people the most is SQUISHER'S ATONEMENT. I was especially moved by cast member, Linda Rabin Hammel's comment that her cat had just died the night before and the lines from my play really helped her and her husband deal with the loss.

MARGIE: Peter, I still don't want to be dead.

PETER: Oh, Margie, you're adorable.

MARGIE: I miss my husband.

PETER: Georgie and Barkley are already here.

MARGIE: What?! They died, too?!

PETER: Margie, you're home. Time isn't linear here. This place totally rocks, I'm telling you!

MARGIE: This is all very overwhelming.

PETER: I completely understand.

MARGIE: So, when I "go home" I'll be with God and my husband AND my dog?

PETER: Right. And everyone else you've ever met.

I wept for her loss and the fact that I could have been some comfort to someone.
Many people complimented that particular script and I did get compliments on COFFEEHOUSE BOOS and FAN-C-CUTS as well. Not only that, but two random people complimented my dress! All in all a day full of compliments...a weekend full of compliments and its not even over yet!

I really want to have more opportunities to show my writing in the theatre out here. Or anywhere for that matter. Maybe in a semi-lucrative way? Even if I make $10, it would be neat. But I have a lot more writing to do, that's for sure.

Today is also my mommy's birthday, so everyone go and wish her a happy one on her myspace page, please!

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