Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to the dark ages

I went to a party this weekend. Alone, because Jeff was filming in Port Huron and I really felt like being "social." Also, there were cupcakes promised.

I was having fun, chatting and all...this is all out of my comfort zone, because I am NOT a social person...even less so without the husband present. But I thought I was doing well.

I took a peek at the folks in the back yard. I saw a friend's husband had climbed the tree out back. I shouted that he looked like a Ren Fest actor up in the tree.
I decided to join the festivities in the back and suddenly, Treeman decides to throw a stick at me. I look up just in time to lift my hands to protect my face, but not fast enough to remember I had a cup of wine in my hands. I was covered in wine and humiliated. And no one had anything to say about the situation. Not an "are you okay?" or a "sorry about that."

I had a flashback to when I was in elementary school and I was playing with a friend who lived on my street. She had a neighbor that hated me for some inexplicable reason. This friend wanted to play too. So, we were playing in the neighbor's yard, when I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I was told that I wasn't allowed in the house, so I ran half a block home to go to the bathroom.

When I walked back, the neighbor kid's older brother said to me, "I wouldn't go back there if I were you. They're going to tell you to 'get, scat."
I had no idea what that meant, so, I kept walking. I turned into the driveway and a bunch of kids, including MY friend, were sitting in the garage, chanting "Get! Scat!" and throwing things at me. Basketballs, gardening tools, whatever they could reach...some even reached me.

As I ran home in tears, the brother shouted "I tried to warn you!"

I was feeling like these people wanted me to "Get! Scat!" at this party, too. I felt tears welling inside me. This wouldn't have happened if Jeff were here. They would have thought I was too cool to throw things at then. Now I look like a tool covered in wine and no one cares...I walked behind the garage to regain my composure. I decided to go inside with the smaller crowd and chat with them instead. I calmed down and talked myself into staying. And I am glad I did. I got to play Rock Band for the first time and stayed out later than I have for "fun" in years.

But I still wonder why I almost left. Just because a mob in the backyard lacked manners, didn't mean I needed to "get! scat!". Someone at the party was going to want my companionship and conversation skills. I just wish I could have brought that little girl with tears in her eyes to join the party, too. She was a nice girl and a lot of people missed out on her friendship...I'm glad I know who she is...

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