Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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..So, yeah, I am ashamed to say the siren song of Facebook has called my lazy ass away from blogging like a good little writer...I think my confidence as a writer is a bit shaken...Although I do thank Mike Clark for inspiring me to write a 3 page 3 character script about 3 "characters planning a hit."  I did 3 4th grade girls planning a hit on a dumb boy. I do way too much children's theatre!

Today I got to do a show at Alissa C's school.  It was pretty cool to show them what I do :)
Then in the afternoon, performed at an old high school friend's school.  Even ended up performing her son's story!  Such luck!
In between, at lunch, a lady let me hold her puppy while she ordered her subway sandwich!

Sweet little puppy!

But here is my new favorite Brompton pic

And now, I guess I will cop out again and leave you with PLAYGROUND POLITICS:


ANNABETH: This is where it will go down.

ASHLEY:And the other side is where it goes up!

ALMYRIA:No stupid, we’re not talking about the teeter totter...Stupid!

ASHLEY: Oh. What else is going down then?

ANNABETH: Didn’t you read my note?

ASHLEY: Nuh-uh.

ALMYRIA: You didn’t read the note?! Then how did you know to meet here at recess?!

ASHLEY: I followed you from the coatroom.

ANNABETH: Did anybody else follow us?

ASHLEY: I don’t think so.

ALMYRIA: No stupid boys?


ANNABETH: Good. Because this is where Spencer is totally gonna get it.

ASHLEY: Get what?

ALMYRIA: Why is she here?

ASHLEY: I’m her best friend.

ALMYRIA: I thought I was your best friend, Annabeth!

ANNABETH: You’re both my best friends.  Ashley was my best friend in kindergarten and then I met Almyria in second grade. I have room in my life for two best friends.

ASHLEY: Awesome.

ALMYRIA: What about on the nights I have Hebrew school? Do you guys talk about me?

ANNABETH: No! But that doesn’t matter!  We’re here to talk about Spencer. Ashley, you’re to go to Spencer and tell him you have the cootie antidote and lead him here.  Almyria, you’ll be--

ALMYRIA: Why don’t you talk about me?

ANNABETH: You just don’t come up, okay?

ALMYRIA: But if I’m you’re best friend--

ASHLEY: She does have that stuffed pig...'Member the stuffed pig, Annabeth?  You named it Almyria and when we were playing Barbies that one time, Almyria the pig sat on the dream house and smooshed it!

ALMYRIA(quietly): What?

ASHLEY: And then Almyria the pig ate--

ANNABETH(through gritted teeth): Shut up, Ashley.

ALMYRIA: I’m the pig?

ANNABETH: YOU’RE not the pig...

ALMYRIA: How could you do this to me, Annabeth?

ANNABETH: I didn’t do anything, I swear!  Ashley’s just--

ASHLEY: Ooh, look, there’s Spencer! Want I should go get him so you can smash his face into the mud like you wanted?

ALMYRIA: Don’t bother! I won’t be here to help sit on him anymore! You deal with your own boy troubles from now on!

She storms off.

ANNABETH: Thanks a lot, Ashley!

She storms off in the opposite direction. Ashley takes out a cell phone and speaks into it walkie talkie mode.

ASHLEY: Spencer? It’s done.

She smiles a wicked smile of satisfaction and sits on the teeter totter.

ASHLEY: Wanna come over and play with me now?

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